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After you pay for the product you will receive a link with instructions and activation key. Before running, for the correct work of the program, you need to turn off the Windows defender, firewall, SmartScreen, as well as remove all third-party antivirus programs, then you can run the macro and enter your activation key. Then you need to enter your game sensitivity in the interface of the program, and then you can start playing.

Demonstration of how to disable antivirus correctly:

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Launch demonstration:

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Answers to frequently asked questions:

Question 1: What should I do if I want the macro to trigger when the left+right mouse button is held down?

Answer: Select the option you want under the Settings – Recoil Control tab.

Question 2: Can I use Nvidia filters?

Answer: With some Nvidia filters, the autodetection may not work correctly. The rest of the functionality is unaffected.