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Launch Instructions:

After you pay for the product you will receive a link with instructions and an activation key. Before launching, for the correct work of the program, you need to turn off Windows Defender, Firewall, SmartScreen, as well as to remove all third-party antivirus programs. After all these actions, you can launch the autosetting, it is an additional program, included in the package, which will automatically configure script for all your parameters. After successfully completing the setup, restart your computer, run the macro and enter your key.

Launch demonstration:

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Answers to frequently asked questions:

Question 1: How does Fast Password Input work?

Answer: Go to the lock, press the bind and the script will automatically open the lock and enter the password you specify.

Question 2: How does brute force passwords work?

Answer: In the interface, specify the range of passwords you want to enter, a total of 10k combinations, you can split into a command. After come up to someone else’s lock, point at him and press the appropriate bind, script will automatically enter the passwords in the range you set, and the last password entered will show in the interface.

Question 3: Will I take damage when brute forcing my password?

Answer: Yes, the script is not a cheat, it can not give you immortality. Only when you wake up, you can enter the password up to 5 times, there is no point in using syringes, food or clothes, as from the lock increases the damage if entered incorrectly, just make as many sleeping bags as possible.

Question 4: What is the efficiency of brute force passwords?

Answer: The method of hacking passwords using the script is much more effective and faster than the standard input by hand, as do many youtubers long hours, with scripts you never miss, do not forget the last password, as well as the script will enter the password as quickly as possible, the only limitation is the ping server (in the interface is the input speed controller). The range of 10k passwords can be divided into a clan of 10 people and at worst, hack any base for 1 hour.

Question 5: I accidentally hid the script menu, how do I open it?

Answer : The standard bind to hide/open menu – INS key.

Question 6: What are the differences between the Rage, Rage ( alternative) and Legit recoil mods?

Answer: On different models and manufacturers of processors, recoil works slightly differently. Pick the mode that works best for your computer. Particularly on weak computers, rage (alternate) will work better than standard rage mode. Legit mode has extra lag and is more for legit playing.

Demonstration of additional functions::

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