SCRIPTS FOR Battlefield 2042

No recoil BF2042 script program

  • Windows any version
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Auto-updates
  • No Injections




 Support for any mouse – no matter what mouse you play on, this script will work on absolutely any, whether it is a simple office or gaming from popular manufacturers, such as A4Tech, Bloody, Logitech, Razer, Corsair, etc;

• Autosetting – the program has a feature that, with a single click, will make all the needed settings to your parameters;

 Autodetect weapons – the script BF2042 will automatically recognize which weapon you are holding. Works at any resolution, screen aspect ratio, with any weapon skins, at any graphics and gamma settings;

 Recoil compensation for all weapons – the BF2042 recoil control system supports any weapon, and every season we release an update with a new or changed weapon;

• Remember attachments – when you switch weapons, the script will remember all attachments that were put on your weapon;

 Supported sights – any;

 Bias Adjuster – if you wish, you can adjust the script work bias in any direction;

 Recoil Level Adjuster – you’ll be able to lower the recoil control level, on either axis;

 Any sensitivity – you’ll be able to adjust any sensitivity settings you like to play at;

 Menu – You’ll be able to change each setting in an easy-to-use graphical interface;

 Zoom Mode – function with which you will be able to zoom objects that are at a great distance without using additional sights, as well as invert colors.


 Rapid fire – with this function, any semi-automatic weapon turns into an automatic weapon with the highest possible firing speed (including bow, shotguns, and single-shot modes);

 Binds – you will always be able to customize the switches of weapons, attachments and additional functions with customizable binds;

 Sound alerts – the script has sound alerts when switching weapons, attachments or additional features, you can always turn them off;

 Graphical sight – if desired, you can include an additional graphic crosshair;

 Anti-AFK – This function will not let you get kicked off the server for a long afk and you do not have to stand in line again, just turn it on if you are going to leave your computer for a long time;

 Hide menu – hiding the menu completely with one button, without turning off the script, this feature will be useful when streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Discord;

 Optimization – we are trying to bring the optimization to the maximum, to give the opportunity to play with scripts even on weak PCs;

 Cloud gaming – the script supports any cloud services, such as GeForce Now and others;

• Fast rotate – instantly makes a rotate with humanized smoothing. Speed and angle of the turn can be adjusted;

• Does not interfere with the use of PC – macro automatically stops working and does not interfere with the use of PC, if you are not in the game.


• No injections – our macros never affect game files and no functions require it, all functionality is based on artificial intelligence;

• Optimization – we try to maximize optimization to allow you to play with macros even on weak PCs;

• Updates – the script has automatic updates, you will always get the latest version when you run it.

Game client:


Supported OS:

Windows of any version

Supported mouse:


Supported keyboards:


Supported processors:


Game window mode:

Full-screen, windowed, borderless



Supported languages:

English, Russian, Chinese

Streaming recording bypass:

Yes (mute and hide the menu)


Easy Anti-Cheat

How to buy:

1. Select the subscription format by location – “CIS” or “GLOBAL”. Be careful when choosing the “CIS” tariff, if you do not live in the CIS countries, then you will not be able to activate your key, in this case you need to buy a subscription format “GLOBAL”, which can be activated anywhere in the world;

2. Choose your convenient payment system;

3. Choose the tariff you are interested in and you can pay for your order.


 The payment and issuance system works fully automatically 24/7, you do not need to wait for administration to get your order;

 Subscription time begins to count down, once you enter the key in Loader, you can buy multiple keys and activate them whenever you want, even after a year;

• When you buy “Lifetime” tariff you automatically activate your GLOBAL status;

• When you purchase the “Lifetime” plan, free updates are provided for new seasons of the game;

 If you have not found a convenient way to pay, then contact our administration on any contacts at the end of the site, they will help you find a solution.