Script program for Rust

  • Safely
  • Automatic updates
  • Support for any version of Windows

Key features


• Support for any mice – no matter what mouse you play, this macro will work on absolutely any, be it a simple office or game from popular manufacturers;

• Automatic weapon detection – the macro will automatically recognize which weapon you are holding in your hands, unlike analogs, our macro always works accurately, works at any resolution, aspect ratio, with any weapon skins, at any graphics and gamma settings;

• Compensation for recoil of all weapons – AK-47, LR-300, MP5, Thompson, Custom SMG, M249, M39, Semi-automatic rifle, Semi-automatic pistol, M92 pistol, Python, revolver;

• Support for all scopes – 8x, 16x, holographic, simple handmade;

• Support for all modules – muzzle boost and silencer;

• Combination of sights and modules – you can combine any sight with any module on any weapon, the macro will adjust to your choice;

• Rage mod – full compensation for the recoil of automatic weapons with perfect anti-aliasing for a hard game;

• Legit mod – additional delays and less accurate anti-aliasing for a smoother game;

• Adjuster displacement – at your request, you can adjust the offset of the macro in any direction;

• Recoil level regulator – you can lower the recoil control level along any of the axes;

• Any sensitivity and FOV – you can set any sensitivity and field of view (FOV) settings that you like to play;

• Menu – you can change each setting in a convenient graphical interface.

• Zoom Hack – a function with which you can zoom in on objects at a distant distance without using additional sights, as well as look through the fog using the additional option of color inversion.


• Automatic mod – with this function, any semi-automatic weapon turns into a machine with the highest possible rate of fire;

• Invisibility – the macro is completely invisible during manual checks, moderation cannot find it on your PC and you do not need to carry out any cleaning of the computer, for which you can be blocked on the mod. servers;

• Panic key – when you click on this button, the launcher will completely disappear from your PC, bypassing programs to find recently deleted files (for example, Recuva), which will help you easily pass the check on mod servers;

• Binds – you can always configure the switches of weapons and modules using customized binds;

• Hip-Fire compensation – this macro has the ability to shoot from the hip and scope;

• Tap-fire – this function solves the problem of any macros, you can shoot with cutoffs or quick clicks without losing control over the recoil;

• Detection of shooting mode – the macro itself detects when you shoot from the hip or aim, so you can quickly switch from one shooting mode to another without changing any settings;

• Adaptation to walking – the macro can automatically detect when you are moving back and forth, left and right and automatically adjust the recoil compensation;

• Adaptation to squats – the macro will determine in what position your character is, sitting or standing, to automatically adjust the correct recoil compensation;

• Sound notifications – the macro has sound notifications when switching weapons or modules, you can always turn them off;

• Graphic sight – if you wish, you can turn on the graphic sight for more convenient shooting from the hip or from a bow;

• Password guessing – with this function you can quickly guess passwords to any clan base in the shortest possible time, you just need to hold down the bind, after which the macro will automatically start to open the lock and select all combinations in the specified range, as well as show the last entered code in interface;

• Fast lock – this function will allow the macro to set his password as quickly as possible or log in to the lock if you live in a large clan base with a large number of doors, and it is also an extremely useful function for online raids, when the count goes for seconds to have time to enter your password;

• Anti-AFK is a function that will not allow you to be kicked out of the server for a long afk and you will not have to queue up again, just turn it on if you are going to leave the computer for a long time;

• Spam / flood – this fun function was created in order to infuriate the clans by very fast beeping at the doors;

• Quiet step – a function with which you can move silently, the macro itself will fall into the right beat of the squats;

• Hiding the menu – completely hide the menu from the taskbar by one button, without turning off the macro, this function will be useful if you are a streamer or pass a clan test for shooting;

• Optimization – we are trying to bring the optimization to the maximum in order to make it possible to play with macros even on weak PCs;

• Cloud gaming – macro supports any cloud services, such as GeForce Now and others.


• No injections – our macro never affects the game files and no functions require it, this is our main rule;

• Updates – the macro has automatic updates, you will always receive the latest version at startup.

System requirements:

• Windows 10 – all versions are supported;

• Any screen resolution;

• Any dpi of the mouse.

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