No recoil RUST script program 

  • Windows any version
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Auto-updates
  • No Injections




Support for any mouse – no matter what mouse you play on, this RUST  script will work on absolutely any, whether it is a simple office or gaming from popular manufacturers, such as A4Tech, Bloody, Logitech, Razer, Corsair, etc;

Automatic weapon detection – the RUST script will automatically recognize which weapon you are holding. Works at any resolution, screen aspect ratio, with any weapon skins, at any graphics and gamma settings;

Automatic attachment detection – the RUST  script automatically detects which attachments are installed on your weapon. Works for any resolution, aspect ratio, system scaling, graphics and gamma settings;

Recoil compensation for all weapons – AK-47, LR-300, MP5, Thompson, Custom SMG, M249, HMLMG, M39, Semi-automatic rifle, Semi-automatic pistol, M92 pistol, Python, Revolver, Nailgun, Double barrel shotgun, Pump shotgun, Spas-12, Multi grenade launcher, Snowball Gun;

Support for all sights and attachments – 8x, 16x, holographic, simple, muzzle boost, muzzle brake and silencer;

Combination sights and attachments – you can combine any sight with any attachments on any weapon, the script will adjust to your choice;

• New recoil – full compensation for the new recoil on automatic weapons with perfect smoothing for hardcore play;

• Old recoil – even though the old recoil is no longer in the game, we still made a switch to fully support it on all weapons because there are still servers that can still use the old recoil patterns;

Bias Adjuster – if you wish, you can adjust the script work bias in any direction;

Recoil Level Adjuster – you’ll be able to lower the recoil control level, on either axis;

Any sensitivity and FOV – you’ll be able to adjust any sensitivity and field of view (FOV) settings you like to play at;

Menu – you’ll be able to change each setting in an easy-to-use graphical interface;

Zoom Mode – function with which you will be able to zoom objects that are at a great distance without using additional sights, as well as look through a fog with the optional inversion of the color.


Autosetting – the set will come with an additional program with automatic adjustment of the script to your parameters;

Automatic mod – with this function, any semi-automatic weapon turns into an automatic weapon with the highest possible firing speed;

Invisibility – script is completely invisible on manual checks, moderation cannot find it on your PC and there is no need to perform any computer cleanup, for which you can be blocked on mod servers;

Panic key – when you click on this button, the launcher will completely disappear from your PC with the bypass of programs to search for recently deleted files (such as Recuva), which will help you easily pass checks on modded servers;

Binds – you will always be able to customize your weapon and attachments switches with customizable binds;

Shoot from the hip – this script has the ability to shoot from the hip without recoil;

Quick click – This feature solves the problem of any scripts, you will be able to shoot with cutoffs or quick clicks without losing recoil control;

Shooting Mode Detection – The script itself detects when you are shooting from the hip or aiming, so you can quickly switch from one shooting mode to another without changing any settings;

Adaptation to movements – script can detect when you move back and forth, left and right and automatically adjust recoil compensation;

Adaptation to squatting – script will detect in which position your character is, sitting or standing, to automatically adjust the correct recoil compensation;

Sound alerts – the script has sound alerts when switching weapons or attachments, you can always turn them off;

Graphical sight – if you wish, you can turn on the graphical sight for more comfortable shooting from the hip or from the bow;

Fast lock – this function allows you to quickly set your password or log in to the castle if you live in a large clan base with lots of doors, it’s also a very useful feature for online raids, when you have to enter your password in seconds;

Anti-AFK – This function will not let you get kicked off the server for a long afk and you do not have to stand in line again, just turn it on if you are going to leave your computer for a long time;

Flood door – this fan feature is designed to piss off clans with very quick door peeps;

Squatting macros (Quiet Step) – a feature with which you can move silently, the script itself will hit the right crouching beat;

• Inventory detection – the script detects when you are in the inventory and disables it, for easy use or movement of items;

Hide menu – complete hiding of the menu with one button, without turning off the script, this feature will be useful if you streamer or pass the clan test on the shooting;

Optimization – we are trying to bring the optimization to the maximum, to give the opportunity to play with scripts even on weak PCs;

Cloud gaming – the script supports any cloud services, such as GeForce Now and others.

Security and Optimization:

• No injections – our macros never affect game files and no functions require it, all functionality is based on artificial intelligence;

• Optimization – we try to maximize optimization to allow you to play with macros even on weak PCs;

• Updates – the script has automatic updates, you will always get the latest version when you run it.

Game client:

Steam, pirate

Supported OS:

Windows of any version

Supported mouse:


Supported keyboards:


Supported processors:


Game window mode:

Exclusive, borderless, window



Supported languages:

English, Russian

Streaming recording bypass:

Yes (mute and hide the menu)


Easy Anti-Cheat, GameWer

How to buy:

1. Select the subscription format by location – “CIS” or “GLOBAL”. Be careful when choosing the “CIS” tariff, if you do not live in the CIS countries, then you will not be able to activate your key, in this case you need to buy a subscription format “GLOBAL”, which can be activated anywhere in the world;

2. Choose your convenient payment system;

3. Choose the tariff you are interested in and you can pay for your order.


 The payment and issuance system works fully automatically 24/7, you do not need to wait for administration to get your order;

 Subscription time begins to count down, once you enter the key in Loader, you can buy multiple keys and activate them whenever you want, even after a year ;

• When you buy “Lifetime” tariff you automatically activate your GLOBAL status;

• When you purchase the “Lifetime” plan, free updates are provided for new seasons of the game;

 If you have not found a convenient way to pay, then contact our administration on any contacts at the end of the site, they will help you find a solution.