Terms of use 

1. You accept responsibility for compliance with the user agreement of the game on yourself, as well as the risks of a possible ban in case of non-compliance. In this case, the funds spent will not be refunded;

2. It is forbidden to sell your subscription or transfer it to the wrong hands. In this case, it is possible to block the key / subscription without refunding the funds spent;

3. The subscription can be suspended at any time for updating or updating the software at the decision of the developers, in which case there is no refund, and the subscription time will be restored after the update.

4. If an attempt is made to hack any of our products, as well as inappropriate behavior on the part of the user, the administration reserves the right to block the current key / subscription and send the user to the blacklist for a specified period or permanently.

5. We do not issue refunds if your operating system does not match our description ;

6. Guaranteed refund only if the program does not work for you and support is not able to help ;

7. The money is not refunded if you have elements installed on your computer, preventing the launch or the correct operation of the program (which you should know about), if you have such a problem, then write to support on any contacts, you will help to solve it .