The program doesn’t start?

Be sure to download and update all drivers and components for proper operation.

Component package:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008-2022

Video driver update:


Component package:

DirectX 12

Video driver update:


Component package:

Microsoft Net Framework 4.8

Updating all drivers:

Driver Booster

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Where are my purchases stored?

You can always find your purchases on your email or here –

How do I remove the bind?

Just leave the bind field blank and click OK.

On which mouse do the scripts work?

All our scripts work on any mouse, no matter what brand, Logitech, Razer, A4Tech/Bloody, Corsair or just an ordinary office mouse.

When will the subscription be activated?

After entering the key into the loader.

What is the difference between the “CIS” and “GLOBAL” subscription types?

The difference is that the “CIS” subscription can only be activated in the CIS countries, while the “GLOBAL” subscription can be activated anywhere in the world.

The program does not launch, what should I do?

Update all libraries and drivers at the links above. If none of the ways worked for you, then write to support at any of the contacts.

Where to download the program after purchase?

The key, instructions and the loader are sent to your mail after payment. If you do not see the link, then move the message from your spam folder. As the instruction is always available at the end of our site, the code of access to instructions is sent to your email, after payment.

Can I try the product for free?

Unfortunately, we do not issue test periods to products, due to security concerns.

Are your products injected into the game?

No, our products are not injected and do not interact with game files. All of the unusual functionality, is based on artificial intelligence.

All configured, but the program does not behave like the video, what to do?

Once again, read the instructions and check your settings, in 99% of cases, the user configures some parameter incorrectly. If you are sure that you have configured everything correctly, then write to our support at any contacts.

Where can I find out about promotions, discounts, giveaways?

You can find out about all the promotions, discounts and giveaways in our social networks listed at the end of the site.